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Learn Who we are & Why We are Engaged in Craft!

Know About Yetz Journey, A Brand

Journaling, so the saying goes, has the power to reveal the best versions of who we are and give us that rare “clarity of mind.” We learn from the pages of our journal that the inner peace we’ve been looking for has always been there! Journaling, my dear friends, is an artful practice where the thoughts of the soul find shelter in the cover of a journal diary. It’s a precious bond between pen and paper, where emotions flow freely, tales of satisfaction and agony are woven, and the changes that are part of life are kindly observed.

The one thing that inspired us to start the amazing journey of Yetz, a brand that sets out a purpose to make journaling an exciting journey is journaling itself! No more settling for life diaries with uninteresting covers. We encourage you to embrace the pure joy you experience when opening your journal and letting your imagination soar. Let’s explore Yetz’s world and savor the wonder of fun together now that you have this space to express yourself!

The story which led to the birth of our beautiful friend, YETZ

It was my sister who was into writing and journaling, and later she suggested I should start the same! Initially, I thought it was boring but later was amazed by the positive changes journaling brought about inside of me when me and my sister first started doing it! We soon learned why both past and present generations cherished this venerable practice. Our escape from the chaos of the outside world became journaling. We could record our journey through life’s labyrinth, share our dreams, and let go of our fears within the pages. 

We hail from Hapur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. So, when we were some steps ahead in our journaling journey, we realized that finding a good journaling diary with great inspiring as well as attractive covers was a task in itself! That’s when we thought of starting our very own diary brand for all those who love to have a diary with fine-quality papers and eye-catchy covers for putting down their thoughts in the form of words, sketches, or other forms of drawings